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Do you want to make money on the internet just by writing different kinds of tutorials or guides ? If you are quite good with your writing skills and an expert in writing various types of how to guides, then you must really give eHow a shot. To be frank, eHow.com is a great online portal for both readers as well as writers, as it includes how to guides of different categories including – health, entertainment, careers, technology, homing, creativity, parenting, pets & animals, arts etc. which are being written & read by people from all around the world. There is an extremely strong community of readers & writers out on there at eHow, where both the parties gets benefited well.

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Being a writer of eHow, you can writer tutorials on diversified topics or categories on the basis of your expertise and interest. So, write what you are interested in & know well, and earn some handsome amount of money on the basis of the total number of articles you have written yet now. If you are writing tutorials of your own, then you will get paid on a┬árevenue share basis i.e. you will get a proportion of the total revenue generated by the advertisements present within your article. Additionally, you can also pick up assignments which you can complete on the basis of the assigner’s demands, and earn money on an hourly basis or even get paid for each article in case of some special assignments. Most of the writers usually earns between $15 to $20 for each hour or sometimes even more by completing pay per article assignments.


In order to apply for eHow in an intention of being a writer, you will need to be experienced in certain certificated resumes such as College degree in Journalism related field, long experience in writing & journalism, expertise in a certain topic etc. And apart from that, your writing style and grammatical expertise can also get your articles approved by the editors quite easily. So, if you are now ready to share your knowledge & earn some money with eHow, then you can join it straight away via the link provided at the end of this post, and make sure to read the tips for applying before going to sign up as a writer. Okay, you can register for a writer’s account at eHow via the link given below :

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