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Internet has numerous advantages and one of the main advantages is E-Commerce. The ability to buy & sell things online makes internet a much more advantageous thing for the users and OLX enables this for you. OLX was launched in Argentina and it is available in 105+ countries but OLX India has managed to make a mark for itself since the popularity of the buy and sell concept in India.

OLX has been very successful in India. It all started when OLX was created in Argentina in 2006. It has gone through several developments and now has reached a stage where it is available in more than 105 countries and in 40 languages making OLX more accessible than ever.



How to Use OLX


The team at OLX has worked very hard to make sure that the people can enjoy the benefits of their website easily. The main concept of the website is to post advertisements to buy or sell your stuff.

To make the procedure even simpler, OLX has enabled the ability to post advertisements without even registering on the website. This way, you can do it quickly and easily. Otherwise, you can register on the website and enable a handful of features like My OLX which enables you to control your selling, buying and community related activity.

Other main features include:

  • Design advertisements with pictures and videos so that the buyer can have a clear idea of the what are they going to buy. Buyers always want to check the product before they buy it and the fact that OLX allows you to add pictures and videos makes the deal more trustworthy as the buyer knows what he is going to buy.
  • Easily share your advertisements through your accounts on popular social networking sites
  • It is compatible with mobile phones considering the fact that OLX has its mobile applications for all popular mobile operating systems : iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Phone.
  • OLX is available in 40 languages so you can easily access the website in the language in which you feel comfortable.
  • There are various categories on the website so you can easily browse through the sections and easily find the product you need to buy if you are undecided for a particular product. These multiple categories also help you in selling since adding your product to simpler categories would make them easier to find.
  • Also, you can browse the products in categories of state and cities. This makes sure you don’t have to go through all the wait if the product is shipped from some other state. You can just directly arrange a meeting with a person who is living in the same city as you are and this makes the whole deal very convenient.


OLX Ad Campaigns: OLX’s Rise to Success


Starting June 2011, OLX started telecasting advertisements on television. OLX made some interesting and funny advertisements to telecast the brilliant features of the website and it was followed by a humongous response because now the maximum people knew about OLX. This began OLX’s rise to success and OLX is still going on strong. Watch a couple of funny and innovative advertisements that led to the rise of the success of OLX to end the post on a funny note.

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